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Using Collections for Learning Activities

Last updated almost 5 years ago

The Collections feature allows you to create personalized Collections of information, media, maps, and sounds - anything of interest to you - from the Encyclopedia of Life. You can build and share Collections on your own or with others. This page presents collections that can be used in learning activities.

Ideas for Using Collections in Learning Activities

1. Make a collection about a given topic. A collection is simply a space for you to pull together information in which you are interested. For example, let’s say you’re interested in butterflies- you can create a collection of information about butterflies.

2. From a collection or any list of species you can create a field guide. A field guide allows you to print or present the information from a collection in a number of ways. Enter you EOL Collection ID number ( to automatically create a field guide from your collection.

3. Print the field guide and explore a particular area (field trip, school yard, student’s back yard) to see how many species were found.


View the Collections tutorial to learn how to create, annotate and share a collection.