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Finding Species

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An international non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, Finding Species uses compelling and original professional-grade photographic images, technology, and on-the-ground field experience to “give a face to biodiversity,” promoting the conservation of threatened species and habitats. We also document anthropogenic elements that are relevant to conservation, including indigenous cultures and unsustainable industrial activities that threaten these cultures and the biodiversity of the regions they have historically inhabited. Finding Species, by combining art, science and advocacy, bridges the gap between scientists, conservationists and the public, to advance science, empower conservation campaigns and enhance environmental education programs. Active field work in the US and in Latin America’s tropical forests has produced traveling exhibitions, scientific publications, field guide books, websites and species databases for public education and use. Photographs are powerful tools to communicate about conservation and have played a compelling role in the creation of several signature National Parks in the United States and around the world. Given the amount and sophistication of visual information that individuals see today, the value of visually stunning conservation tools are indispensable to conservation campaigns. Last indexed August 26, 2009