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Last updated over 3 years ago

The information on EOL is organized using hierarchical classifications of taxa (groups of organisms) from a number of different classification providers. You can explore these hierarchies in the Names tab of EOL taxon pages. Many visitors would expect to see a single classification of life on EOL. However, we are still far from having a classification scheme that is universally accepted. Biologists all over the world are studying the genetic relationships between organisms in order to determine each species' place in the hierarchy of life. While this research is underway, there will be differences in opinion on how to best classify each group. Therefore, we present our visitors with a number of alternatives. Each of these hierarchies is supported by a community of scientists, and all of them feature relationships that are controversial or unresolved. We invite the scientific community to submit additional hierarchies to improve EOL's coverage of current systematic hypotheses. Please contact the Species Pages Working Group for additional information.