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Reptiles I Have Seen

Last updated over 3 years ago

This is where I will keep a record of all the reptiles I have seen.

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    Agkistrodon contortrix


    About two years ago, I went into the backyard to release some beetles that I had raised, and decided to put them in the garden. Right before I was about to release them, I saw a juvenile copperhead in the shade. I released them far away from it.

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    Alligator mississippiensis

    American Alligator

    I have seen a lot of alligators, mostly at Brazos Bend and Huntsville, two state parks in Texas. I have also seen one or two at some marshes around my house, and I saw a nest with three juveniles once at Brazos Bend.

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    Cnemidophorus sexlineatus

    Texas Yellow-headed Racerunner

    I saw one of these at Krause Springs, a park in Austin. It was running through the sand quickly. I tried catching it, but it ran under a block of cement and disappeared, only to come out later and escape down the hill.

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    Hemidactylus turcicus

    Mediterranean House Gecko

    I see these all the time on my porch at night, crawling on the ceiling and walls. I can see their organs if I flip them over, since their bellies are so thin and transparent.

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    Masticophis flagellum


    I saw a coachwhip at Palo Duro Canyon, a state park near Amarillo, Texas. It crawled out from a pile of rocks and away through some tall grass.

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    Nerodia fasciata

    Banded Water Snake

    Almost a year ago, I went to a pond nearby with my mom, where we saw a banded water snake. It took me a while to convince my mom that it was definitely not a cottonmouth. It slipped away through the water a moment later.

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    Phrynosoma cornutum

    Texas Horned Lizard

    One time, when I was in Amarillo, I saw a horny toad on the ground, but it ran away.

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    Plestiodon laticeps

    Broad-headed Skink

    Last year I noticed a skink would come out from under the deck in the backyard and lay in the sun. It was a male broadhead skink. One day I grabbed him from behind, and he bit me. Since then, I have seen a female and juvenile of the same species.

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    Thamnophis sirtalis

    Common Garter Snake

    One time, in the first house I lived in, my dad found a common garter snake in the bushes in the front yard, and I got to see it. Just a year or two ago, I found a garter snake in my front yard, but it was really small, and might have been a juvenile.