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Climate Change

Last updated about 2 years ago

This collection contains a sample of species that are affected by global climate change. Each item in this collection is linked to an EOL page with more information about the species.

Click on the "read more" link to learn more about the effects of climate change on each species.

  • 36057_88_88

    Acropora cervicornis

    Staghorn Coral

    The major threat to corals is global climate change, in particular, temperature extremes leading to bleaching and increased susceptibility to disease, increased severity of El Nino events and storms, and ocean acidification.

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  • 62125_88_88

    Incilius periglenes

    Golden Toad

    The golden toad has not been seen since 1989, and is believed to be extinct.

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  • 24786_88_88

    Pusa hispida

    Ringed Seal

    Global warming may pose the greatest threat to ringed seals if it leads to large losses of the stable ice habitat required by ringed seals for pupping and rearing their young.

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