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BROT version 2009.01

Last updated 11 months ago

The plant trait database for Mediterranean Basin species (BROT) is available as a published version (BROT version 2008.11) which corresponds to the original database finalized in November 2008 and published in Ecology 90 (2009).


Paula S, Arianoutsou M, Kazanis D, Tavsanoglu Ç, Lloret F, Buhk C, Ojeda F, Luna B, Moreno JM, Rodrigo A, Espelta JM, Palacio S, Fernández-Santos B, Fernandes PM, and Pausas JG. 2009. Fire-related traits for plant species of the Mediterranean Basin. Ecology 90: 1420.

The data imported to EOL are based on the online version which is an extended (more data and more traits) and updated version of the original one. Note that the use of this online version requires to quote both the original (published) and the online version.


Paula S. & Pausas J.G. 2009. BROT: a plant trait database for Mediterranean Basin species. Version 2009.01. URL:

. Last indexed April 17, 2014