EOL API: Search By Provider

Versions: 1.0


This method takes an integer or string which is the unique identifier for a taxon from some provider's database, and a hierarchy_id which represents the provider and returns the EOL page ID for that taxon. For example using the provider_hierarchies API, I can find out that the EOL hierarchy_id for the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS) is 903. I can then search EOL for the ITIS Taxonomic Serial Number (TSN) of 180542, Ursus maritimus, by calling http://eol.org/api/search_by_provider/1.0/180542?hierarchy_id=903


Name Values Default Notes
batch true, false false returns either a batch or not
id any string ---
hierarchy_id any integer --- the ID of the provider's hierarchy you are searching within. Check provider_hierarchies for valid IDs
cache_ttl any integer --- the number of seconds you wish to have the response cached

Test It Out

Name Required Value
id Yes
hierarchy_id Yes
format Yes