EOL API: Hierarchy Entries

Versions: 1.0


The Encyclopedia of Life does not have a singular taxonomic hierarchy upon which it creates its pages. Rather EOL indexes many hierarchies and compares them against each other. As a result any EOL page may relate to several nodes from various hierarchies. This API gives access to a single hierarchy and its internal relationships. Refer to the documentation on the pages API for information on accessing other hierarchies which correspond to a particular EOL page. The 'taxonConceptID' field contains the EOL page identifier which can be used in the pages API.

The JSON response for this method returns more information than the XML response. The JSON response includes several statistics about this node and its taxonomic descendants. For example there is a returned field "total_descendants" which list the number of nodes which are descendants of the given node according to this hierarchy; "total_trusted_text" includes the total number of unique text data objects linked to this page or any of its descendants.


Name Values Default Notes
id any integer ---
common_names true, false 1 return all common names for this taxon
synonyms true, false 1 return all synonyms for this taxon
cache_ttl any integer --- the number of seconds you wish to have the response cached
language ms, de, en, es, fr, gl, it, nl, nb, oc, pt-BR, sv, tl, mk, sr, uk, ar, zh-Hans, zh-Hant, ko en provides the results in the specified language.

Test It Out

Name Required Value
id Yes
format Yes