EOL API: Data Objects

Versions: 1.0


Given the identifier for a data object this API will return all metadata about the object as submitted to EOL by the contributing content partner. The content partner is cited in the first agent element and has the role of 'partner'.

Image objects will contain two 'mediaURL' elements - the first being the URL of the image on the provider's website, and the second is the URL of the cached version of the media hosted on an EOL server. The EOL version of the image will have been resized (preserving the aspect ratio) if the original image is larger than 460 pixels wide or 345 pixels in height.


Name Values Default Notes
id any string --- the ID parameter can either be an integer (a DataObject version ID) or a 16 character GUID which will return the latest version of that object
taxonomy true, false true return any taxonomy details from different taxon hierarchy providers, in an array named "taxonConcepts"
cache_ttl any integer --- the number of seconds you wish to have the response cached
language ms, de, en, es, fr, gl, it, nl, nb, oc, pt-BR, sv, tl, mk, sr, uk, ar, zh-Hans, zh-Hant, ko en provides the results in the specified language.

Test It Out

Name Required Value
id Yes
format Yes